natural dog health remedies


Wholesome Hound Natural Wellness Quickstart Guide


You're searching for natural wellness answers and wondering if you're doing the best you can by your dog. 

You want to learn more but not sure where to look.  You can start feeling confident in your wellness knowledge by starting here, dipping your toe into the natural wellness world.  Who knows where you'll go next? 

In this guide you'll be introduced to the following:

  • medicinal plants to create your first herbal pharmacy and how to use them
  • step by step guidance on how to use essential oils on your dog
  • how to make your own natural flea and tick repellant
  • What ingredients to include or avoid in your dog's food, whether kibble or raw
  • How to know if your dog is in pain
  • How to make feeding time fun!

This quickstart guide is your first step in the right "natural" direction!  For only $5!

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Corine has an incomparable knowledge of dogs.

You can trust her completely whether that's for nutrition as well as for any health problems and her courses are excellent. Don't hesitate to call on her.

Patrice A.